Building a foundation for

today's kids to be

tomorrow's future

Empowering young people regardless of ability or circumstance to realise their potential through access to  sport and physical activity, wellbeing mentoring and short-term respite
We help kids to access & participate in sport & physical activity

It might be a pair of football boots to play with friends or a netball uniform & registration fees for the season. We know that playing sport or participating in physical activity is an affordability decision for families and kids are simply missing out.

Our aim is that every child has the opportunity to access and play sport regardless of circumstance or ability.

We support programs that educate and #empower young people around positive mental wellbeing

We support programs that deliver emotionally engaging workshops to young people. 1 in 5 children 11-17 years* will experience mental illness and our sessions provide practical strategies for positive wellbeing, install healthy coping mechanisms, help to build resilience, and develop healthy relationships to build mental fitness and improve social wellbeing.

* Australian Institute of Health and Welfare and ABS


On average within regional and rural NSW 46% of single parent households with children younger than 15 years are living below the poverty line, however it is widely acknowledged that it’s a national issue.

The cost of living continues to rise, kids sport is unaffordable & a family holiday is simply out of reach for children experiencing disadvantage and the consequences are that KIDS ARE SIMPLY MISSING OUT and are at risk of becoming socially isolated.

*Source: ABS Census 2016.Australian Institute of Health and Welfare and ABS Poverty in Australia 2020: Australian Council of Social Service Social Ventures Australia



The kids need our help, we need yours.

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